Looking For a Good Book or a Course on BeFi?

Behavioral Finance Resource Overview

The good news is that over the last 10 years or so, there has been an explosion in books related to Behavioral Finance and Economics. In addition, there are some classic older books that form the evolution in thinking on the subject, and a number of books that provide excellent content on related psychology subjects. The only problems with this plethora of great writing are where to start and how to know what will be most suited to your needs. To help in that regard, we've categorized over 120 books in the field by main focus, and then further identified the relevant audience, whether geared toward industry professionals, academia, or general reading. We then organized each list by the date published, with links to each book's page on Amazon.com for more detail or to purchase. 

Page                             Main Focus

Micro BeFi                                Individual behavior and biases

Macro BeFi                               Impact of behavior on financial markets and the economy

Behavior & Psychology             Applicable behavior and psych topics, not specific to finance

Wealth Mgt./Portfolio Mgt.      Behavioral concepts applied to these functions

Probability & Randomness       Behavioral issues regarding probability