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About us

Our story isn’t complicated -- revolutionary new insights in behavioral psychology, major implications for finance, economics (and most other industries), a planet full of people needing to be educated, and a professor with a passion.


We are an independent organization whose main purpose is in helping the world at large -- and the financial industry in particular -- make constructive use of what we now understand about human behavior and decision-making. Specifically, our objectives include providing the following:

  • Authoritative, unbiased education on behavioral science at all levels, and tailored to the needs of different segments (i.e. investors, traders, financial planners, asset managers, etc.) This incorporates written content, videos, online courses, webinars, and live events.

  • Access to external resources such as books, courses, events, services, vendors, research, etc.

  • Access to a worldwide community of people with similar interests.

  • Training and consulting for businesses.

  • Access to products, services, and technology being used to address behavioral factors.

  • (future) Conducting research, providing certifications and credentials.

Behavioral science has an enormous impact on the way people deal with decisions concerning money. Nonetheless, we fully recognize that behavioral science is not limited to financial matters and that it affects many other aspects of our lives and professions as well. Our audience is anyone and everyone that has an interest (whether personal or professional) in the subject.

(Why the lizard in our logo? That's our way of paying homage to the 'lizard brain', the primitive but critical part of our neurological system that handles instinctive feelings, emotions, and perceptions, for it is the lizard brain that is the source of many of our cognitive biases. The lizard is a reminder of our animal spirit – something that has more influence in human decision-making than anyone previously thought.)

Our Principals


Richard Lehman is our founder and educator-in-chief. Rick had a long career in marketing and product management in the financial industry, including eleven years on Wall Street. In addition, he also has fifteen years as an Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley Extension, four years at Golden Gate University, and three published financial books.

StevePhoto-small (2).jpg

Steven Moffitt, PhD, was a Director of Research and algorithm developer in financial companies. Steven also has over 20 years as an Adjunct Professor specializing in behavior, data science and analytics. Steven authored a 950-page book called The Strategic Analysis of Financial Markets (May, 2017) that develops an innovative framework for markets using a behavioral, analytical perspective aligned with that of successful traders.

our Partners and Advisors

As an independent content provider, we maintain relationships with highly qualified individuals from academia and industry and with numerous organizations, research centers, and publishing groups with whom we source or share content. Our network is global and we are always interested in talking with additional partners or advisors. If you are interested in sharing content, serving as an advisor, or partnering with us, please contact us at

Our illustrations

Behavioral Finance About Us James Yang

We are extremely pleased to showcase the art of James Yang throughout our site. Besides being the work of a talented and contemporary artist, Yang’s illustrations embody all the things we were looking for and are uniquely applicable to our subject matter -- not to mention refreshingly whimsical. The illustration atop this page, for example, was an excellent representation of how we see ourselves – as an intermediary trying to embrace two major (and very disparate) groups: Psychologists and finance professionals. (Yang's work can be viewed on his web site.)


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