Courses & Degree Programs

Below is a list of degree programs in the US and UK offered in behavioral finance or economics that we have been able to compile. It should not be assumed to represent an exhaustive list. Also included are programs geared to working professionals and online students, which may offer greater opportunities to take a single course, even if not enrolled in a full-time degree program.

Online courses:


Coursera -- Created by Duke University

Coursera -- Created by the Indian School of Business

edX -- Created by the University of Toronto  

Investment Management Consultants Association -- Program completion provides 20 hours of CE credit towards certain professional certifications.

Open Yale Courses -- Robert Shiller's full Financial Markets Course is offered online. Lecture 11 on Behavioral Finance and the role of Psychology can be found here.

The Corporate Finance Institute

Udemy -- Dan Ariely's course as presented by Acumen 

Kaplan and Think2Perform -- Program completion serves as pre-requisite material for BFA certification exam.

MIT Open Courseware

UC Berkeley Extension - Online

Additional Professional Courses:

Behavioral Economics and The Modern Economy 

Behavioral Economics and Finance Theory

Behavioral Finance  

Behavioral Finance 

Behavioral Finance 

Notes: See also Rady Behavioral Lab

Behavioral Finance


Accredited Degree Programs:

United States:

MAster's Degree in Behavioral and Social Health Science 

PHD in Behavioral and Social NeuroScience 

B.S in Behavioral Economics, Policy, and Organizations

PHD in Behavioral Decision Research

PHD in Economics with Behavioral Emphasis 

MPS with Concentration in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice

Notes: Also home to The Institute for Behavioral and Household Finance

Master's Degree in Business Psychology 

Phd or MBA with Concentration in Managerial Economics and Decision Science 

Phd in Decision Psychology 

MBA with Emphasis in Decision Science 

(Online) Master's Degree in Behavioral Economics 

PHD in Behavioral Science

Master's Degree in Decision Science 

PHD in Applied BEhavioral Science

Master's Degree in Behavioral and Decision Science

Phd in Consumer BEhavior and Family Economics 

Notes: Also home to the BRITE Lab (Behavioral Research Insights Through Experiments)

United Kingdom:

MSC in Behavioral Economics 

MSC in Experimental Economics 

MSC in Consumer Behavior 

MSC in Behaviorla Decision Science

PHD in Behavioral and Experimental Economics 

MSC in Behavioral science

Notes: Also home to the Behavioral Research Lab 

MSC in Behavioral Economics in Action 

MSC in Behavioral Finance 

MSC in Applied Behavioral Analysis 

MSC in Cognitive and Decision Sciences

MSC in BEhavioral and Experimental Economics 

MSC in BEhaviorla Economics 

Msc in Behavioral Economics and Finance 

MSC in Business Analytics and Decision Science 

Notes: Also home to Center for Decision Research

MSC in Behavioral Economics 

MSC in Behavioral Finance 

MSC in Behaviorla Science for Managements 

MSC in Behavioral and Economic Science