The big news, of course, in the Behavioral world is the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Economics to Richard Thaler, giving three such prizes to the field in the last 15 years. this decision speaks volumes about the importance of behavioral science to finance and economics. This article in Forbes was one of the best in our opinion.

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By Brian Domitrovic

Richard Thaler's Behavioral Economics Changed The Subject

After the 1970s, the stagflation decade, we learned something big about economics—very big. We learned that extended periods of economic sluggishness, under-employment, diminished opportunity, pessimism about the future, severe inequality, and major inflation are wholly unnecessary. Read more...

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Clifford Asness and John Liew, Institutional Investor, 3 March, 2014

The great divide over
Market efficiency

"The Nobel committee decided to split the economic prize between Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller – and that's okay."

(This is being posted now because it is a superbly written article on the behavioral versus efficiency perspectives in financial markets. It is written by two acclaimed experts in the field, and is destined to be a classic. It is required reading at my Behavioral Finance Course at UC Berkeley...Rick Lehman)